A line’s bit position in the mask will be 0 if it is configured as an output or if it corresponds to a subsystem that is still active. Write a stream of bytes to the downstream SPI slave device and read back the full-duplex response. Total Phase is committed to improving the Aardvark adapter and making these improvements available to our customers. This function is recommended for use in complex applications where extended information is required. No further user configuration should be necessary.

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Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

The total number of Aardvark adapters closed is returned by the function. Additionally, the flags argument can be used to specify a sized read operation. Write a stream of bytes to the I 2 C slave device followed by a read from the same slave device.

An integer value, organized as a bitmask in the fashion described by AardvarkGpioBits. This concept is explained below. Data is always transferred in both directions in SPI, but an SPI device interested in only transmitting data can choose to ignore the receive bytes. For example, in the C bindings one can modify the DLL search and loading behavior to conform to a specific paradigm.

Take the case of the Aardvark adapter receiving I 2 C messages asynchronously. The accuracy of this function depends on the operating system scheduler. The “Notes” section describes the status codes. This length denotes the number of bytes that the slave has available for reading not including the length byte itself.


Available Software Downloads

If the DLL is replaced, the application simply loads the new one, thereby utilizing all of the improvements present in the replaced DLL. No further user aardvxrk should be necessary.

Hence, there could be multiple responses queued up from previous write transactions. Figure 2 shows a sample bitstream usg the I 2 C protocol.

Software Downloads – Total Phase

The user of this API can manually assemble the first data byte if the hardware address programming feature with general call is required. Control Center Serial Software.

The phase option determines whether to sample or setup on the leading edge. I 2 C has many aardvar, other important features worth mentioning.

This is the preferred way to support access to the Aardvark adapter such that the device is accessible by all of the users on the system upon device plug-in.

Should a Total Phase product be used in such an unauthorized aatdvark, Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Total Phase, its officers, employees, affiliates, and aarrvark from any and all claims arising from such use, even if such claim alleges that Total Phase was negligent in the design or manufacture of its product.

If the timeout expires, this function will return the current state of the GPIO lines. As a result, this Aardvark adapter has automatically switched to slave mode and is responding. Both target power pins are controlled together. Login is required for software downloads. This function returns the unique ID for this Aardvark adapter. After the driver has been installed, plugging in an Aardvark adapter for the first time will cause the adapter to be installed and associated with the correct driver.


Therefore, drawing large amounts of current from the host is not advisable. The buffers are only used when an Aardvark API call is invoked.

The number of bytes written can be less than the requested number of bytes in the transaction due to the following possibilities. This configuration is held as long as the slave mode is enabled see the API documentation later in the manual.

The Aardvark will always receive the same number of bytes that it sends out barring any error. It is expected that the PC will follow up with a subsequent transaction at which point a repeated start will be issued on aarddvark bus.

This can occur in situations where the incoming data stream has been saturated by asynchronously received messages an outgoing message is sent to the Aardvark adapter, but the incoming acknowledgment is dropped by the operating system as a result of the incoming USB receive buffer being full. Total Phase can xardvark found on the Internet at http: